Book Recommendations for Sagittarius People

Per, Sagittariuses are knowledge seeking/loving people who are willing to work for that knowledge. They will do the work to get the answers, the truth, that they’re seeking. Apparently, they’re looking to know the meaning of life and they’re very into philosophy and religion. (Is Sierra Simone a Sagisttarius??) Anyway, the article says that Sag season helps to explain the “restless, change-seeking, and adventurous nature” of Sagittariuses (i? No idea). They are enthusiastic, authentic, and potentially have a tendency toward brutal honesty. This explains so much about one of my sisters… Anyway, let’s talk about book recommendations if you are a Sagittarius or if any of these traits appeal to you!

Book Recommendations for Sagittarius

Trait: Adventure/Truth Seeking

The first book that sprang to mind for me regarding the collective whole of Sagittarius traits was actually The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievater, who is absolutely an author who has her problems regarding overstepping in representation. If you feel comfortable looking past that, The Raven Boys is such an interesting series with really excellent characters who are searching for a long missing Welsh king. The writing in this series is quite well done and I really enjoyed them. I have not continued with the spinoff though. I also think you might really enjoy Susanna Kearsley’s The Winter Sea and The Firebird as both, but perhaps the latter is more so, novels with adventure and attempting to uncover the truth of the past, while showing you the past in which more adventures are happening. They’re also both beautifully written and magical.

Trait: The Meaning of Life, Philosophy, and Religion

To be honest, when I got to this part, I couldn’t help but think of Priest and Sinner by Sierra Simone because Sierra does such a fantastic job exploring religion in these books. They are obviously not for everyone, but if you listen to the Priest episode of the Heaving Bosoms podcast where Jenny Nordback guest hosts, I think you’ll have a very good idea of (a) if these books might be for you and (b) why I immediately thought of them. Other and less… erotic books that you might enjoy if you like this type of thing is Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi, which is a beautifully written book that explores religion, science, and addiction. It is difficult to describe, but it’s told in sort of vignettes almost that sort of go back and forth in time, but isn’t exactly chronological. It’s very literary, but still accessible, though I can guarantee you I missed a lot. If you would like something more light-hearted that sort of explores these themes, I think Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid takes a fun approach to exploring the idea of how our choices change out lives and the idea of fate. It’s my favorite TJR besides Daisy and I highly recommend it. If you’re in the mood for fantasy and competing religious thoughts, maybe you might like Black Sun, which may make you ponder a lot of choices and also have you shipping Xiala and Serapio. Or at least, that’s what it had me doing.

Trait: Enthusiastic, Change-Seeking, Authentic

I think Bri from Angie Thomas’ On the Come Up perfectly embodies these traits. She has some fierce ideas of how she wants to use her voice and she’s not interested in making herself smaller when the world seems to want her to. She’s bold and enthusiastic as she throws herself into the rap world, trying to make her dreams come true. Perhaps a slight stretch, but I also think Kallia embodies these traits from Janella Angeles’ debut, Where Dreams Descend. Kallia strikes out on her own and sets to dominate the competition with her enthusiastic boldness. This book has some really lovely writing and a plot that has me extremely intrigued to find out what happens next. Adult fantasy wise, I also thought of Casiopea from Gods of Jade and Shadow, a sort of alternate Jazz Age Mexico set adventure with the god of Death. Casiopea desperately wants change and she’s pretty gung-ho for this adventure. This fantasy is a little slow in pacing, but it’s also captivating.

Happy Sagittarius Season! What do you think of these recommendations? I hope you enjoyed them.


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