Written in the Stars: A Spoiler Free Review

Please pretend this post is not very late and also, maybe before/after reading this, you would like to go read Nick’s review and interview with Alexandria Bellefleur? I thought so. Anyway, Written in the Stars was magnificent and I am so thankful to Avon for the ARC, but also so sorry that I waited until it was out to read it. 2020 reading is a struggle. But let’s focus on this beautiful book!

Cover of Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur is of the night sky with constellations and the Seattle skyline. In the foreground are two women, one a redhead in a green dress and one a blonde wearing ared scarf, a blue cardigan, and a yellow dress. The two women are embracing, gazing at one another, and holding hands.
Cover of Written in the Stars

I am feeling a bit slumpy right now and have mostly only been managing to make it halfway through a full length book or binge read novellas. And then, I finally picked up my ARC of Written in the Stars and I fell in love with Darcy and Elle and their fake dating fun. I cried through too much of the end of this because I was feeling all the things. It’s been a hard few weeks and a really hard year, but this book was an absolutely wonderful, magnificent escape.

Darcy and Elle are set up on a date by Brendan, Darcy’s brother and a person Elle is working with, and it goes… disastrously. Darcy and Elle both think that’s the end of it, but… It isn’t. Eventually it is determined that clearly the best and most obvious solution to their respective problems is fake dating! Woo! Except fake dating is hard because oops, those might be real feelings.

What I love about this book is, well, basically all of it, but how well it balances really rich lives for Darcy and Elle without detracting from the romance. So there are many fully formed secondary characters and a good bit of family drama for both characters, not to mention each has a best friend, but the romance still shines through all of it. Both characters go through their own personal journeys and the romance is still the focus! This book is so well-plotted and executed, it’s incredible that this is Bellefleur’s debut. I can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive so it can live on my keeper shelf forever.

Have you read this yet? If not, I hope you pick it up and love it as much as me!


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