It’s that time of year again! Aka, time to pretend I’m actually a Hufflepuff preparing for exams and not, you know, a muggle living a life mostly inside because of COVID-19. Escapist reads are the name of the game, y’all, and I’m thrilled that it’s time, once again to participate in Book Roast’s immersive readathon! Her video’s description contains links to everything you will need to participate yourself and I really can’t recommend the experience enough. Also, here’s the Twitter link, which is where a lot of socializing and fun things happen. I’ve chosen to study to become a mind medic, but I also keep tossing around the idea of studying to be a spell creator because that sounds quite awesome as well. Regardless, I plan to complete all twelve courses now so that I have all of the flexibility I may need in August. So, let’s get started!

Ancient Runes: Heart on the Cover or in the Title

I think I’m going to read Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren for this prompt, but if I change my mind, my back up titles are Heart of the Matter by LaQuette (which I’d like to get to anyway) or Hearts Unbroken by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Love and Other Words is one of C. Lo.’s more literary fiction books. Heart of the Matter is a romantic suspense and Hearts Unbroken is an own voices YA contemporary about an indigenous teen navigating high school.

Arithmancy: Read a book outside of your comfort zone

April is sexual assault awareness month and while that is a topic that has a tendency to really ramp up my anxiety, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to read either Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow or Know My Name by Chanel Miller. I think Catch and Kill may have a level of removal that will make it somewhat easier for me because Farrow is a journalist covering Weinstein, but I’ve heard it’s still a really tough read. Know My Name would be the one I would prefer to read because Miller’s fantastic victim impact statement speech went viral following her rape at Stanford. We’ll see how things go. If neither are working for me and my mental health, I’m thinking I may read a thriller and pick up The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware or historical fiction and pick up The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah.

Astronomy: Read a book when it’s mostly dark outside

I’ll probably pick up a shorter read for this challenge prompt to ensure I get to it, so I’ll likely read The Changeup by Nicole Falls, which I picked up because it gave me Pitch vibes.

Care of Magical Creatures: Read a book with a beak on the cover

I’m leaning toward finally reading my first K.J. Charles book, The Magpie Lord, but what I probably should do is finally finish my read of The King of Crows. It’s just, I got to a point where I knew where everyone was and things were fine-sort of-but likely to not be fine soon and I can’t bring myself to keep going. Lol. Anyway, we’ll see which one I go with.

Charms: A Book with a White Cover

I was leaning toward Year One by Nora Roberts for this one, but I just read the first paragraph of the synopsis and suddenly that seems like a terrible idea. Also like instead of writing a fantasy novel, Nora predicted 2020. So, The Leopard King by Ann Aguire and The Last Wolf by Maria Vale would both work for this one and a later prompt and I’m intrigued by all three books. Another option I’m fond of is Whiteout by Adriana Anders, a romantic suspense that has had a lot of high praise on my Twitter timeline. If you have an opinion, please feel free to share.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Book Set at the Sea/Coast

I’ve got two and a half choices for this. An arc of Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveres, which is likely what I’ll choose or Love in Catalina Cove by Brenda Jackson, my other main choice. However, I really loved the first chapter of Mermaid Inn by Jenny Holiday and I just need to figure out if it’s set at the coast because if so, that’s also a choice. I love Holiday’s writing. Oh! And I just realized my book of the month would also fit this, Beach Read by Emily Henry. Maybe I’ll just read a lot of books set at the coast since that’s where I wish I was. (Not that I don’t love the mountains too…)

Divination: Use a random number generator

I used a random number generator to choose between the 15 arcs that are on my give feedback shelf on Netgalley and it landed on two. So, A Taste of Sage by Yaffa S. Santos it is! This is a foodie romance between chefs that don’t like one another so I’m here for it. Let’s hope I enjoy it!

Herbology: A Book that Starts with M

I’m overwhelmed with choices, but hopefully I’ll do the responsible thing and read More Than Maybe by Erica Hahn, which is another ARC I have waiting for my thoughts on Netgalley. It’s a YA contemporary that involves podcasts and music and I’m intrigued. Other options are Mogul by Joanna Shupe, which is a Gilded Age historical romance or My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh, an England Times historical both of which would go toward helping me accomplish things on my Kiss Con tbr.

History of Magic: A Book Featuring Witches

I mean, I think I technically have other books I could read for this, but my plan is to finally read Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Côrdova, which is an own voices for the Latinx rep, YA fantasy about a young bruja who does a spell that backfires big time. Oh, and I think our main character is bisexual, which is a nice bonus!

Muggle Studies: Read a Contemporary

Obviously I have a million options for this, but one of my coworkers loves Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books as much as I do and so I need to lend her my copy of Forever, Interrupted so I think I’m going to make it my first read of the OWLS so I can give it to her on Friday. So, for once, just one choice!

Potions: Read a book less than 150 pages

So I actually created a collection on my kindle app for books less than 200 pages and for a person who doesn’t like novellas, I have a startling amount (68 unread). I’ve chosen Grumpy Jake by Melissa Blue out of the pile and plan to stick to it because it’s hate to love with a single father and sounds precious. Also, a grumpy hero, am I right?

Transfiguration: A Book with Shapeshifters or Shapeshifting

There’s always the option to re-read Kiss of Snow in my time of need, but I’m planning to try and read something new to me. As mentioned earlier, The Last Wolf and The Leopard King work for this prompt so either of those would work. And then I also am thinking I may start the Kate Daniels series over again and see how that goes. If I do, I’ll start with book two, Magic Burns.

And there you have it! My OWLS TBR. Are you participating? Any books you think I should skip or definitely make sure I read? Let me know!


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