ARC Reviews: Twice in a Blue Moon and Lush Money

I don’t know what’s been going on with my Netgalley blessings, but let’s not question it and instead thank Netgalley, Gallery Books, and Carina Press for the opportunity to read Twice in a Blue Moon and Lush Money in advance of their release. I was hoping to have these ARC reviews posted last Tuesday, just after Lush Money’s release, but honestly last week was a blur and a mess and I was so stressed out so it didn’t happen. But let’s talk about the books that you can escape into, should you need such an escape!

Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

This book is out today! So that’s exciting because it means that you can go pick it up as soon as you have the desire to do so. Twice in a Blue Moon follows Tate, the daughter of a famous actor, who is in London for the first time at 18 and her identity is a secret. She’s not lived with her famous dad since she was 8 and that’s the way everyone likes it. When she meets 21 year old Sam and quickly falls for him, she finds herself telling him things she’s never told anyone, including who her father is. So when Sam disappears and the paparazzi show up, she feels betrayed and blindsided. Fast forward many years and Tate is now a famous actress in her own right, but she’s about to star in her first movie alongside her dad and the press is ravenous all over again. Oh, and, Sam just so happens to be the writer for the project.

This book suffers slightly from not quite knowing what it is, in my opinion. It’s not a straight romance, but it’s also not a straight contemporary novel. There’s not quite enough development on her relationship or lack thereof with her father to justify the not strict focus on the romance and there’s not enough focus on the romance to justify the side plot with her dad. That said, the book is well written as always and I liked some of the side characters, namely Charlie and Tate’s co-star whose name I’m blanking on. I also really loved the movie excerpts. Actually, all of the Hollywood stuff was really cool. I just wish the book had been more focused on the romance.

Lush Money by Angelica Lopez

And now for Lush Money by Angelica Lopez! Like, bring on the marriage of convenience trope because I’m apparently obsessed with it right now. This book features Roxanne Medina, self-made and mostly self-assured billionaire who just desperately wants a daughter she can give the childhood and life that Roxanne didn’t have growing up. To get that life for her future daughter, she arranges a marriage contract with the King of a small off-shoot of Spain country for his son’s hand in marriage. Only problem is that the king didn’t bother to tell Matteo about it at all. So when Matteo shows up expecting to meet Roxanne, he is very taken aback by Roxanne’s very cold way of dealing with things.

I think this book has a lot of YMMV components because if you’re in a place where the first sex scene is going to destroy any chance of your enjoyment, the book doesn’t work. That first sex scene is dub con at best, with Roxanne just kind of using Matteo. The book really does read like a telenovella or just a general soap opera tbh, and I think if you remember that or are accustomed to books doing “the Full Kresley” you will love it. Basically, if you love Kresley Cole’s mafia romance, you’ve got to read this book asap.

It’s so good and it’s full of wild twists and turns and at the end I was absolutely desperate for book two. How dare Angelica Lopez get me hooked on her series right away?? But anyway, the angst is so, so real in this book and both Roxanne and Matteo have a lot of baggage they’re hanging onto. I absolutely adored the side characters in this book, especially Sofia and I cannot wait for book two.

Have you read either of these? If so, what did you think?

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