Trope Talk: Enemies to Lovers

Hello! I am finally returning to the second part of my Trope Talk: Hate to Love that I had planned… months ago? Not sure. Anyway, one of the things I mentioned was that enemies to lovers seems to lend itself a bit more to paranormal and fantasy romances because how many of us TRULY have enemies IRL? Maybe I’m just too boring? Regardless, let’s hop in to five of my favorite enemies to lovers.

1. Almost every book in the Immortals After Darkseries, tbh.

Special highlight goes to Kiss of a Demon King though because Sabine and Rhydstrom are… Well. You should really read the whole series to get to this one. Assuming you don’t though, Sabine kidnaps Rhydstrom because there’s a prophecy that basically their child will be particularly evil (or something, idk, details). Anyway, neither of them expect the pull between the two of them that exists despite the fact that they’re on opposing sides and also, Rhydstrom is being held hostage. And Sabine can’t risk not following the plan because the bad guy has her and her sister poisoned. It’s a whole thing. But I really enjoyed their book even though it’s probably not my favorite of the series. Also, this is a great time to squeeze in my favorite plug for the Fated Mates podcast! Highly recommend you give it a listen!

2. Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh

One of the things I like about the enemies to lovers storyline is the way it tackles our misunderstandings and assumptions about other people and this book highlights some of the work necessary to do that even when the other person is your fated one. Dorian’s sister was killed by a Psy and even though he adores Sascha and Faith, two Psy that have mated in to the DarkRiver pack and trains with Judd, a former Psy assassin, he’s really struggling with his inexplicable attraction to Ashaya Aleine. He doesn’t want to want her; he feels like he’s betraying his sister in a way. But Ashaya’s outward silence keeps being betrayed by the questions she asks and the fear for her son that Dorian can sense. The two of them figuring things out between them is quite an experience and I really, really love it.

3. Storm Gatheringby Rebecca Zanetti

I really love this entire series by Zanetti and think it’s probably one of her best series, though I can’t say that for sure. Maureen is a scientist who may hold the answers to how to provide food in this post-apocalypse era the survivors of the Scorpius virus find themselves facing. She finds herself kidnapped by Greyson Storm, a leader of one of the two largest and rival groups in the area. I really love their dynamic and this installment in the series is probably my favorite. I would definitely recommend reading the series in order though, so you have a few to go before you get to this installment… Sorry about that.

4. Archangel’s Shadowsby Nalini Singh

Switching gears to Nalini’s other fantastic series, Archangel’s Shadows is probably my favorite installment in the Guild Hunters series. Following Janvier and Ashwini, this book explores the moment when the sexual tension between Janvier and Ashwini breaks. Ash has had to hunt Janvier numerous times as part of her duties as a Guild Hunter, but she has always found the vampire equally as charming as he is frustrating. Now, in the midst of this immortal fight, the two team up on the side of Raphael and Elena (obviously) even as they have to fight very mortal problems as well. This book deals heavily with grief and it definitely made me cry. That said, I think it’s an absolutely incredible book and would recommend it forever. But again, Nalini’s series really are best read in order!

5. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

This book falls on the lesser end of enemies to lovers, I would say, and falls more in line with hate to love in a contemporary, except for the part where Mad Rogan kidnaps Nevada. But if you haven’t seen me squealing everywhere in the world about my love for Hidden Legacy, allow me to take this moment to scream it to the world (and you). THIS IS THE BEST SERIES IN THE WORLD. Okay, I’m good. Basically, in the words of Jen from Jenreadsromance on Twitter and one half of the Fated Mates duo, this series is like Harry Potter for adults and with a much better romantic arc happening. I cannot recommend it highly enough, okay? This entire series is just wonderful.

I’m not sure how helpful this list is because for the most part I just listed books I talk about all the time anyway. But hopefully you maybe got something out of it? I absolutely welcome your recommendations always!


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