Quarterly Goals Check In

So I had some reading goals at the beginning of the year and I thought it would be good for us to check in with those…

1. Read One Non-fiction Book a Month

Well, I accomplished this for January and February and then fell off the wagon in March. I’ll try to course correct this month, but we’ll see how that goes.

2. Reduce My TBR

I had three sub-goals for this and like, wow, have I kept to none of those. I did well with reading my unread books from a year ago in January, for the most part, and then February and March, just nope. I’ve since decided I’m giving myself the quarter to whittle down the books I purchased a year ago. Is this a good idea? No, but you know what? It’s what we’re doing. And otherwise, I’m really just not doing great at this period. So. Oops.

3. Read Diversely

I specifically wanted to increase the number of Native and Latinx voices I read this year because I thought last year I did generally better at reading Asian and Black voices. Well, I’ve not done great in general so I need to do better period. Although, I had managed to hit 44% writers of color in the first quarter so that’s not bad. And re-binging Nalini Singh only slightly contributed to that number…

Anyway, I think I’m doing a decent job adding some queer authors into my line up, but I think I still need to be doing better and I know I need to be doing better with disability representation. But I’m working on it!

4. Reading Challenges Check In

I’m doing well with the Fated Mates readalong and have wound up ahead at the moment! This is after I’d fallen behind, so I’m glad I caught up.

As for Romanceopoly, I’m doing okay, I think. I haven’t fallen behind exactly, I just don’t think I’m ahead. I’ve completed one Library square, the Subway: Downtown, Growing Pains, Fated Mates (aka Mystery Challenge #1), Bus, Freedom Friars, Bad Boy Circus, Taxi, Alien Adventure, and Subway: Uptown squares.

And then I had the HBReadngEmbrace, of which I have completed eight of the prompts: America Times, Consent Boner, Does he got reasons? (although that I just finished in April), England Times, Keep Being a Badass, Sportsball, Werves, and Your Faves are Problematic. That means I have twelve prompts to go. So pretty good, all things considered!

How are you doing on your goals? Any adjustments you’ve made?

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