O.W.L.S. Readathon TBR

G from Book Roast put together the most incredible readathon inspired by Harry Potter and spanning the entire month of April. This year she’s created this amazingly elaborate Wizarding Careers pamphlet to accompany and direct the readathon so, I’ve chosen to become a Mind Witch! This means I have to take eight O.W.L.S., which are discussed below so I can tell you what I’m leaning toward reading for each prompt.

1. Ancient Runes: Retelling

I’m most leaning toward reading Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal, which is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I can’t lie and say I’m not hoping Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors is available early at KissCon though because I would happily snatch up a copy of Sonali Dev’s upcoming release to read for this prompt. There are several retellings of Pride and Prejudice to choose from, I guess is my point, because I also have Pride by Ibi Zoboi. Which one will I read? Who knows!

2. Arithmancy: Work Written by More than One Author

I really need to finally finish reading Not That Bad, edited by Roxane Gay, which could mean starting over, I suppose so I’m not cheating. I’m only like two stories in. I’m just struggling with this one because the content is so triggering. It’s hard to be a domestic violence attorney and also listen to people talk about being assaulted or abused on your drive to and from the various courthouses I have to go to, you know? That said, I think this is such an invaluable collection and I really want to complete it. Also, each individual narrates their own piece of work in the audio version, which is incredible!

3. Charms: Read an Adult Book

There are so many options for this, but we’ll go with When We Left Cuba for now because y’all know I’ve already got this book preordered and I cannot wait for it to be in my earholes. When We Left Cuba is by Chanel Cleeton and is the companion to Next Year in Havana, which was my favorite non-romance book of last year. (Honestly, probably just my favorite book? Idk, A Duke by Default though… Ugh, I can’t choose, just kidding.) Anyway, this particular book is following Beatriz as she tries to take down Fidel Castro and I am exceptionally intrigued.

4. Defense: Title Starts with an ‘R’

Okay, I have a whole host of books I could read for this. An Alyssa Cole (so obviously my current top choice), Radio Silence, which is the beginning of her post-apocalyptic romance series and I’m definitely intrigued. Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider because it’s a fake relationship trope, which we all know I’m trash for. Reckless by Selena Montgomery, aka Stacy Abrams, which I desperately need to read. Like, why have I procrastinated on reading this?? (Jk, I do that with SO MANY books I’m excited about.) Or even potentially, I could finally actually read Red Rising. We shall see.

5. Herbology: Plant on the Cover

I’ve got three choices for this one: Persephone’s Orchard by Molly Ringle, Arouse by Nina Lane, or Trinity Falls by Regina Hart. Each is a romance novel, though I think Arouse is an erotic romance to be more specific. I’m actually intrigued by all three, I just haven’t felt particularly drawn to pick up any of them in the past. But, you know, that’s no excuse as we are trying to whittle down this TBR and I did essentially nothing to accomplish that this month.

6. Muggle Studies: Contemporary

Oh y’all, do I have plenty of books for this or what? Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren and Stripped by Zoey Castille are both on my Five Star Predictions of books I acquired in 2018 though so we’ll make them my priorities for this challenge.

7. Potions: Sequel

I am determined that this shall be the month I get to The Stone Sky instead of putting it off. It’s also on my Five Star Predictions of 2018 books. I’m going to do it, y’all. It’s happening.

8. Transfiguration: Sprayed Edges or Red Cover

I don’t have nearly enough books with sprayed edges, aka I only have Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, but whatever, I’m not salty. Anyway, so instead I’ve selected books with red covers and I’ve specifically chosen two options, Puddinby Julie Murphy, which I really should have read by now, or Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin and translated by John W. Baker.

Are you participating in any readathons this month? Keep an eye out for yet another TBR I may or may not follow for the RomanceopolyAThon, which is also happening in April!


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