Checking in with my TBR

Y’all… The first step in a 12 step program is to admit you have a problem, right? So, I have a problem with acquiring books and then not reading them for MONTHS and sometimes YEARS. Now, what exactly is step two?

I’m unsure, but I thought I would borrow from Emma at drinkingbymyshelf’s Balancing the Books challenge to herself where she tries to end every month with five fewer books on her shelves than she had at the start of the month. Here lies the problem with this plan: the vast majority of my books are ebooks. I feel like it’s cheating to “unhaul” something from your ebook library because it doesn’t actually seem to go away. So I’m not sure exactly what my punishment needs to be if I don’t manage to read five more books on my TBR than I haul. Feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments.

For now, we shall start with the accountability portion of this where I inform you that I have 206 unread books in my collection. I’m not sure if you’re judging me as hard as I’m judging me, but in my defense, most of those books are ebooks that I got for free or on sale because I have a problem that Smart Bitches Trashy Books fuels by sending out daily deals.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that I have entirely too many books, so now it’s time to actually do something about that number. I’m probably going to be doing more Try a Chapters just to try and re-engage my interest in some of the books that have been lingering on my shelves for too long, so if that’s something you’re interested in seeing more of, let me know.

I’m also trying to curb the amount of books I’m hauling. The problem is that I live and work near too many used bookstores and when I wind up trapped in court all day, I occasionally escape for lunch and go to said used bookstore. And I’m still learning to ignore the siren call of ebook deals. Also, I don’t own all of Talia Hibbert yet and she keeps releasing new ones so that’s an issue. I guess it’s a good thing I read a lot?

If you have any tips or tricks or ideas about how to make myself actually reduce my TBR, I am very, very open to suggestions. Thanks for listening!


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