May Wrap Up, Part Two

Hello, friends! May has been the month of Nalini Singh, with a couple others sprinkled in, and… a re-read of Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy series. If you’re thinking, “Uh, Jenica, didn’t you just read that last month?” the answer is yes. Yes, I did re-read three books less than a month after reading them for the first time. And the thing is, I could re-read them again! I’m not kidding. I am obsessed with these and am dying in anticipation of the novella coming out in November. Anyway, let’s get started!

9. Archangel’s Shadowsby Nalini Singh

This book may or may not have made me cry. Okay, so it did. It’s also the first book in the series to have earned five stars from me because of how much I adored Ash and Janvier. I was so happy to finally get their story and it did not disappoint at all. You really do need to read this entire series in order so… I’m not going to say much about the plot, but I will warn you that there’s a lot of loss/grief discussion in this book.

10. Archangel’s Enigmaby Nalini Singh

Omg, Nassir is fantastic. He’s decided it’s time for him to find his mate and between that and actually finding out about him… Just, omg. It’s so fun. Also, I just really love getting to see the members of the Seven interact in all combinations. However, there was a scene in this book that had me literally SCREAMING. Okay, that’s not actually a bad thing. It’s just that I didn’t even realize I was THAT attached to these characters. Fun fact, I really am.

11. Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh

Back to focusing on Raphael and Elena, which I always enjoy, but something about this book seemed slower to me? I’m not sure really. That said, I will always love books that put the spotlight on Elena’s status as consort because it’s an aspect of her identity that is still evolving so it’s fun to watch. Also, I really need to know what’s going on between Illyium and Aodhon because like… Are they going to be a couple? If so, I’m very down for it. If not, I’m still here for their friendship. It’s just the anticipation is killing me. Mostly because I adore Illyium and I just want him to be happy forever.

12. Not If I Save You Firstby Ally Carter

Shifting gears from my beloved Guild Hunters series, I finally got a chance to read Ally Carter’s latest, which is oddly enough a stand-alone. This book follows the daughter of a former secret service agent who used to be best friend’s with the president’s son, until an incident that led to her dad packing her up and moving them both to Alaska. Now, many years later, Maddie is surprised when her former best friend shows up at her doorstep, only to promptly get himself kidnapped the next day. So our brave and intrepid heroine goes after him to save him and every bit of it is wonderful. I gave this book five stars and definitely recommend.

13. Wicked and the Wallflowerby Sarah MacLean

My eternal thanks again to Dani’s Bookshelf for sending me this ARC because this book was everything and kept me company while stuck behind an accident that caused me to miss my flight to D.C., waiting for my new flight at the airport, on the plane, on the adventure from BWI to Metro Center… You get the point. This book and I are besties not only because it was great company, but also because Sarah MacLean is a genius. The plot of this book involves a trope I generally hate (using a woman as part of a revenge plot) and yet I adored this book with the passion of a thousand suns. (Is that even the saying? Idk.) The point is, Felicity and Devil are amazing and wonderful. Also, Avon, if you want to start printing finished books in this floppy style, I am very on board. Anyway, I’m definitely going to post a full review when I get my finished copy because I have SO MANY quotes and highlights and comments to share.

14-16. Hidden Legacy trilogy by Ilona Andrews

My love for this series is honestly overwhelming. As in, despite having read this just last month, I still stayed up until 1:00am when I had to work the next day to finish Wildfire. I have a problem and it’s that the novella in this series doesn’t come out until November. Like… If you haven’t read this series, I just… You need to. Just trust me on this one. It is SO GOOD.

And that is everything I read in the month of May! I adored my reading this month and finishing off with a re-read of the Hidden Legacy trilogy just really caps off the month on a high note. What was your favorite book you read in May? Let me know!


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