May Wrap Up, Part One

The Internet and I are not friends right now, y’all, so my apologies for the lack of posts. In other news, I have officially met my Goodreads goal of 100 books this year! Very exciting. I haven’t been reading much physically for some reason, but Nalini Singh has me completely enamored with her Guild Hunters series on audio. So let’s hop to it.

1. Angels’ Bloodby Nalini Singh

Me at first: Ugh, Raphael is so annoying and alpha.


Facts: I love Elena. I love her friendships. I love every one of these characters.

This paranormal romance series follows the Archangel of New York (Raphael) and Ellianora also known as Elena and Ellie depending on who is talking to/about her. Ellie is a Guild Hunter, which is to say that she hunts vampires who have absconded on their contracts with an angel. She is Hunter Born so she has a specific skill with scent that the Archangel needs. The two have combustable chemistry but they dislike each other from the start. Ellie is reckless and Raphael is… well, power personified, really. It’s so good!

2. Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh

Book two of the series continues Elena and Raphael’s journey and is honestly even better. I just really loved getting to know so many more of Raphael’s Seven better. The conflict shifts from the first book to another member of the Cadre and we have a Big Bad who is intriguing and carries us through the series. Also, just, I love Elena. And Montgomery.

3. A Court of Frost and Starlightby Sarah J. Maas

Going in to ACOFAS, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sarah had given very few hints and the back cover copy made it clear only that this book centered around the Winter Solstice and Feyre and Rhys celebrating it. Coming out of it, I have very mixed emotions. On the one hand, I loved the time we got to spend with Feyre on Rhys and on the other hand, I’m not really sure what the point of the book was? I think it was helpful for Sarah to write and I was happy to read it, but honestly, I don’t think it’s fair that it cost as much as it did to purchase. Nothing that substantial really happens in the book. There’s no real need to have had this book to transition to the next series. So I’m a little disappointed overall. Please share your thoughts with me though because I still haven’t fully worked through any of my emotions.

4. Archangel’s Consortby Nalini Singh

Oh, this book. I just, y’all. I can’t really tell you new and unique things about each one. Still following Elena and Raphael, the world keeps expanding in Singh’s third book in the Guild Hunter series. It’s interesting that each of these books has a similar relationship conflict (Raphael wants more control in the relationship and Elena wants all the freedom), but it feels new every time.

5. Savanah’s Secrets by Reece Ryan

When am I going to learn to stop reading books where deception is such a huge part of the story? I can’t seem to stop though. I just keep reading them because there are other elements that make me think it will work for me. The truth is, it just doesn’t. I say all of this to say that you all may absolutely find this book something that absolutely works for you. I, however, did not particularly enjoy this. (There’s a spoiler that combined deception and another least favorite trope of mine so… The struggle was real.)

6. Archangel’s Bladeby Nalini Singh

In this book we follow Dimitri, Raphael’s second, and Honor, another Guild Hunter (though not Hunter Born like Elena). Dimitri and Honor wind up working together on a case, which makes Honor’s attraction to Dimitri more than a little problematic. She can’t even explain why she’s so drawn to him.

Also, major CW for some serious trauma (sexual and otherwise).

Their relationship though?? Everything. I love them.

7. Archangel’s Stormby Nalini Singh

Omg, Jason. Raphael’s Spymaster goes to Neha’s Court to help her figure out who murdered her own Consort. He takes a blood vow with Princess Mahiya and discovers that she contains multitudes. Honestly, my precious Jason who has experienced so little joy and so much trauma falling in love is just… DELIGHTFUL. I can’t lie. I love the Seven.

8. Archangel’s Legionby Nalini Singh

Oh my goodness. This book!!! Elena really starts to embrace being Raphael’s Consort and that is an amazing and incredible thing. I love it. I love the scenes we get in later books too of Elena really embracing her role. It’s so wonderful. I love this. I love them. AH. This book.

As you can see, I’m really just addicted to this series and Nalini Singh has stolen my heart. I can’t stop listening to these books, honestly. I highly recommend, y’all.


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