The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld: A Spoiler-Free Review

I apologize sincerely for the very delayed post. I meant to have this up yesterday, but I had a very busy weekend/Tuesday, which meant I finished the book late on Monday and spent yesterday traveling, which unfortunately meant I didn’t manage to get my review posted on release day. Anyway, enough disclaimers/excuses: TO THE REVIEW!

It should be noted at the outset that The Child Finder is not my typical genre. Jamie sent me a box of books because she is super kind and that box included an ARC of The Child Finder and I decided I would do my best to review the ARCs she so kindly sent me as close to their release date as possible. The release date was yesterday (September 5th) so I’m close!

The Child Finder is about Naomi who is known as The Child Finder because she is uncannily good at finding missing children. Naomi attributes her skill at finding missing children to the fact that she knows what it’s like to be a missing child. However, Naomi actually doesn’t remember her life before her escape from the place she was held captive. This book pairs Naomi’s search for Madison with Naomi’s dreams of her life in captivity and Madison’s perspective.

Huge trigger warning for child sexual assault, though it’s written in a way that almost has you questioning if that’s what is happening. The writing throughout feels almost like you’re reading a really really dark fairy tale. I honestly, really enjoyed the book despite being super creeped out by it.

I felt like something was missing though? I still can’t put my finger on what exactly kept me from loving this book. I will note that this really isn’t a thriller where the author is hiding the ball from you. You get to see each major character, including the person who kidnapped Madison, so you figure out who he is well before Naomi. It’s more of a character focused book than a who done it kind of book.

Clearly I need to work on reviewing thrillers, but that would probably require me to read more of them and I’m a scaredy cat! If you read this, let me know what your thoughts are! And if you have questions, leave them for me down below!


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