September TBR

Fingers crossed I do better with this TBR than my TBR in August… I’m going to list these in the order of the likelihood I will get to them so you’ll know which ones are my more aspirational ones.

1. Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

This book comes out September 5th, is already pre–ordered, and I’ll be attending Sarah’s event in Raleigh on September 7th. To say that I’m excited about this book would be a massive understatement. Although Chaol is my least favorite character in the Throne of Glass series (sorry not sorry for that unpopular opinion), I’m so excited to see what’s going on where Chaol is and the ability to learn more about the world. Not to mention, Sarah J. Maas has made me care about so many more characters than I would have imagined because she is that talented. So I’m very much looking forward to this!

2. Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Moxie is the September book of the month, so I’ll definitely be getting to it! It comes out on September 19th. This book is about Vivian, whose mom made zines back in the day, and after getting mad about sexism, Vivian brings back the zine. Having not read this yet and not fully understanding how the reviews and the synopsis match up, I’ve decided I don’t care really, because I’m reading this book because it’s a book with feminist themes in YA and I have to have it. Also, I (along with most people) are beyond angry with the sexist Kirkus review about this book so SEPTEMBER BOOK CLUB PICK it is! You can definitely expect a spoiler free review from me toward the end-ish of the month since it comes out on the 19th.

Also, also, THIS BOOK WAS BLURBED BY AMY POEHLER. What a gift, honestly.

3. The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

I’ve read the first couple of chapters already because I was curious and then I made it like four chapters in without realizing it. Madison Culver went missing three years ago, while she and her family were picking out a Christmas tree in Oregon and now Naomi is on the case. Naomi is oddly good at finding missing people because “she was a lost girl too.” From what I’ve gathered, Naomi has quite a traumatic history that she doesn’t really remember. Okay, I’m imposing the idea that it’s been traumatic, but you know.

This book also comes out on September 5th and I have an ARC of it that Jamie sent me so I’m hoping I’ll get a review posted on September 5th so that you all will have my full thoughts in case this book sounds intriguing to you. Also, if you know me in real life you know I’m a scaredy cat so we’ll see how reading this goes! Hopefully I’ll still be able to sleep afterward.

4. Landslide: True Stories by Minna Zallman Proctor

This is another ARC I received from Jamie and it comes out on September 19th, so hopefully I’ll post a full review on release day so you can see what I thought! I haven’t started reading this one yet, but I’m intrigued. Apparently it’s a collection of essays that explore Proctor’s complicated relationship with her mom, who passed away. I’m also intrigued by the way the synopsis suggests that Proctor pushes back on her own narrative as she’s writing. It sounds very intriguing!

5. Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

This book came out on August 22nd and I had a copy sent to me from Jamie, but I didn’t get to it in the month of August. BUT Quail Ridge is having an event with Zevin on September 20th, so I’m hoping I’ll get to it by then so I can go to this author event. We shall see!

I’m currently like forty pages in or so and I’m enjoying it. The book is intriguing. Part One is written from Aviva’s mother and she’s kind of reflecting on how Aviva got into a relationship with a married Congressman in Florida. I’m super intrigued. It’s kind of a take on Monica Lewinsky, but set in Florida and Jewish. Part Two, I think switches to Aviva’s point of view and I have the impression that she changed her name? We’ll see. I’ll update with a more full synopsis in a wrap up.

I genuinely have no idea what else to add to this. I have a thousand books on my TBR, it feels like, but I’m such a mood reader and so bad at committing to a list of books because it makes me resent them. So… I think I’m going to leave it here and you can all be super excited and surprised when I post my wrap ups! 😉

You can count on more LumberJanes volumes though in terms of graphic novels, as well as finishing up March. I may also slip in a few volumes of Saga. Novels wise, though, I’m going to leave it here.

What about you all? What are you excited to read in September? What’s on your TBR?


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