Tag: The Rogue of Fifth Avenue

  • Historical Romance for Running from Your Problems 2

    My historical romance slump has been quite a thing so apologies for the fact that it’s been almost three years since the last time I had a post like this. Double apologies for the fact that in all this time, I’ve still not branched too far from Regency London. It’s a goal for me because…

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  • Smutathon Wrap Up

    All in all, I would say my reading this week was quite successful. I didn’t get to every book on my TBR and without doubling up didn’t quite clear the BINGO board, but I found a few books that I absolutely adored and finished up my February ARC reading! So let’s get into it. I’m…

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  • Smutathon TBR

    I know I say this every time, but I still don’t like that the name of this readathon is Smutathon. Now, setting that aside, I have a ton of books to read in January so I’m really excited to kickstart my reading with a readathon from January 4th-January 11th that will help me get through…

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