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  • Speak Now + (Mostly Romance) Novels, Part One

    Speak Now + (Mostly Romance) Novels, Part One

    I, for one, cannot wait for Taylor to get to the Speak Now and Red re-recordings, but I want her to follow her joy and her muse wherever it directs her so despite my anticipation, I will patiently wait for her to give me what I need. In the meantime, we have now reached the […]

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  • Pairing Songs from Lover with Romance Novels (The Second Nine)

    I’m back with the second half of the album and I’m going to try and be kind to myself so I don’t wind up recommending a million books per song, but that’s to be determined honestly. Anyway, let’s get into it! Death by a Thousand Cuts So this is definitely a break up song, but […]

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  • Pairing Lover Songs with Romance Novels (The First Nine)

    In case you didn’t know, Taylor Swift is my favorite musician ever and there is nothing I love more than talking about her. So what better thing to do than pair the first half of her latest album (arguably her best, but I’ll throw down for Red and Speak Now too), Lover. Right now my […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift, Book Tag

    Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift, Book Tag

    Happy birthday to the forever Queen of My Heart, Taylor Swift! I love her so much and so to celebrate her birthday, I searched to see if someone had already come up with a Taylor Swift Book Tag. Sarah Jane from The Book Life posted one in 2014, plus there were two Reputation tags, one […]

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  • Reputation Book Tag

    Reputation Book Tag

    It’s been one month and eleven days since Reputation by Taylor Swift was released and I just found these book tags, so I feel betrayed and now I have three that I’m super excited to do. Fortunately, I’m going to two Taylor concerts this coming summer so I have appropriate points in time that I […]

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