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  • My Best of 2019 List

    So, yes, I am cheating at the whole only giving you one list of ten promise. But, honestly, I read 300 books this year and do you really want a list of ten amazing books when you could have more? Okay, great, thank you for understanding. Anyway, this list is exclusively comprised of 2019 releases. […]

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  • Third Quarter Favorites

    Can you believe we’re already in the final three months of the year? This year has somehow felt like it’s been 20 million years long and also like, I cannot believe it’s about to be 2020??? That’s not real life. But anyway, I’m writing today to tell you about my top ten of the last […]

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  • August Wrap Up: Part Two

    Well, y’all, with a little bit of bending the rules and also not following my TBR, I survived my NEWTS and can become an Auror! Woo! So, let’s get into the books that I finished in the second half of August.

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