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  • January Wrap Up, Part Two

    January Wrap Up, Part Two

    While I didn’t manage to read all of the books on my TBR (I didn’t even touch All the Light We Cannot See), I still feel like I’m relatively on track with my 2018 goals. Sure, I’m behind on my 18 books to read in 2018 list, but I’ve got the whole year! And February […]

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  • December Wrap Up, Part Two

    December Wrap Up, Part Two

    In comparison to the first half of the month, the second half of December was absolutely awful. I’m in the middle of several books at the moment, so the first half of January is likely to be similar. I was trying to finish them up, but blogging takes a lot of time and I have […]

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  • December Wrap Up: Part One

    December Wrap Up: Part One

    How are we already halfway through December? This month is flying. This whole year has been a weird mix of going fast and feeling like we’re slogging through it and it’s never going to end. But regardless, we’re in December and I’ve read some pretty exciting books this month so let’s get started! 1. Defenselessby […]

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  • November Wrap Up, Part Two

    November Wrap Up, Part Two

    I hope you all aren’t feeling overloaded by wrap ups this month. Or well, last month technically, I suppose, though November just ended. November wound up being a really great reading month even though it didn’t seem like it would quite as large as usual at the beginning. But between the readathons, two audiobooks, and […]

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  • November Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    November Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    First of all, I got a job! That’s why my updating schedule has been off this week. I started on Monday and every evening when I’ve gotten home, I’ve been trying to cram in some reading for the ContemporaryAThon and desperately wanting to crawl into bed. I’m not good at mornings, honestly. Now, let’s talk […]

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  • October Wrap Up, Part Two

    Wow, October has seriously flown by, I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. Also, I was unable to find a job in the month of October so I read quite a few books, most of which came out in 2017 so that’s cool, I guess. So in total, I read 24 books, for a total […]

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  • October Wrap Up: Part One

    October Wrap Up: Part One

    This has actually been such a good reading month for me. I have so many books to tell you all about that I’ve read in the first 14 days of October. I’m really excited to continue my fantastic reading month with the Readathons coming up! 1. Justice Ascending by Rebecca Zanetti I wasn’t excited about […]

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  • September Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    September Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    I’ve entered into a bit of a reading slump, I think, although I suppose that could just be that I was sick for several days. It could also be though that I’ve made myself read books outside of my favorite genres this month, which take me longer and make me less excited to pick up […]

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  • August Wrap Up, Pt. 2

    August Wrap Up, Pt. 2

    The month of August was a very big reading month for me, which you may have guessed based on the fact that you’ve already seen three wrap ups: August Wrap Up, Pt. 1; 7 in 7 Readathon Wrap Up, and the Graphic Novels Wrap Up. Because of all of the other wrap ups that I’ve […]

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  • July 2017 Wrap Up, pt. 1

    July 2017 Wrap Up, pt. 1

    Hi, y’all! I was starting to think about my post recapping what all I’ve read this month and then I realized that I’ve read too many books already (15) and that there was no way anyone would make it through a post with twenty books. So, here are the first ten books I’ve read in […]

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