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  • Audiobooks of 2017

    Audiobooks of 2017

    I discovered a love for audiobooks in 2017 and while I didn’t read a ton, I did read sixteen in full and I DNF’d a few more, so I thought I would tell you my thoughts about some of them! My favorites have been gushed about in other posts so I’m just going to mention…

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  • Best Misc. Genre Books of 2017

    I hope you aren’t tired of my favorite books of 2017 lists, but this is the last one, so if you are, no worries! This post only covers seven books so it’s a bit smaller than the others. It covers my favorite fantasy novels, Nonfiction, and Adult reads. I really loved all of these books…

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  • Best YA Contemporary of 2017

    Best YA Contemporary of 2017

    Okay, so best YA Contemporary is a little subjective and is my best contemporary reads of 2017 for YA and you’ve been a little spoiled if you follow me on Twitter for several of these. That said, I hope you enjoy my list of favorite YA Contemporaries that I read in 2017! 1. The Upside…

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