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  • November Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    November Wrap Up, Pt. 1

    First of all, I got a job! That’s why my updating schedule has been off this week. I started on Monday and every evening when I’ve gotten home, I’ve been trying to cram in some reading for the ContemporaryAThon and desperately wanting to crawl into bed. I’m not good at mornings, honestly. Now, let’s talk […]

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  • ContemporaryAThon and Tome Topple TBRs

    ContemporaryAThon and Tome Topple TBRs

    Did I manage to successfully complete three readathons last month? No. Did I learn my lesson that I should probably do one at a time? Also, no. Plus, I think these are much more my speed so I should be good to go on this end. ContemporaryAThon is hosted by Julie at PagesandPens and Chelsea […]

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