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  • July 2017 Wrap Up, pt. 1

    July 2017 Wrap Up, pt. 1

    Hi, y’all! I was starting to think about my post recapping what all I’ve read this month and then I realized that I’ve read too many books already (15) and that there was no way anyone would make it through a post with twenty books. So, here are the first ten books I’ve read in…

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  • Seraphina, Duchess of My Heart

    Seraphina, Duchess of My Heart

    In Sarah MacLean’s The Day of the Duchess, Sera steals my heart and the show, aside from when I’m so distracted by Sophie and King having a baby that I forget to breathe. Also, look at the cover: Isn’t it amazing? I’m madly in love with that dress, honestly. If you asked me for my…

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