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  • Series to Start in 2018

    I may have confessed to this before, but I have a problem called buying cheap ebooks and then not reading them for a really long time. And thus, we have arrived at this moment on January 11th, when I’m about to make this shameful confession to you: I have 24 first books in a series…

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  • 18 Backlist Books to Read in 2018

    I’m trying to curb my TBR in 2018, which should be easy enough except for the part where I own a lot of books that I’m like, “I really need to read this!” but they aren’t romance novels or YA so they’ve been languishing on my shelf. Literary fiction and adult fiction are ones that…

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  • 20 Books to Re-Read in 2018

    20 Books to Re-Read in 2018

    Hello, my name is Jenica and I own too many books to not re-read them. So, in 2018 I have made myself a TBR jar specifically for books that I’m re-reading, which you may know because I’ve already pulled the first one when I made my January TBR. Haven’t started it yet though because I’m…

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  • 2018 Reading Goals

    2018 Reading Goals

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for my reading in 2018. I’m not necessarily someone who likes to set a ton of New Years Resolutions because I mostly don’t keep them, but I think it’s important to critically evaluate the reading I’m doing to make sure I’m spending my time reading in a…

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