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  • #FallInLoveBingo Recommendations

    #FallInLoveBingo Recommendations

    If you missed the announcement, #FallInLoveBingo is back! And I’m so excited to be here today to give you some recommendations for many of the prompts. I’m going to do my absolute best to choose books with fewer than 10,000 ratings on Goodreads so that I’m not just defaulting to my favorites that you’ve probably […]

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  • #SpringIntoLoveBingo Recommendations

    I hope y’all are still interested in some recommendations a month and a half after #SpringIntoLoveBingo started, but regardless, I’m here to provide some books I’ve enjoyed that fit these prompts! Since this is already so delayed, let’s just go ahead and jump in, shall we?

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  • #SnowInLoveBingo Recommendations

    #SnowInLoveBingo Recommendations

    This post is something I love putting together every season and also hate putting together because it’s such a huge project! But I do love getting to shout about the books that I love. I always worry I’m a little repetitive in shouting out the same books over and over, but I figure y’all probably […]

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