BuzzwordAThon Wrap Up

Day One: March 18, 2019

I started Show Me How to Love by Synthia Williams this morning while I was waiting around in court on my phone and just completed it. This is a contemporary romance where the hero and heroine find themselves fleeing a wedding after their respective partners fall out of the closet, in which they were having sex. The two then wind up snowed in at a cabin with only one bed, but he’s a gentleman and takes the couch. My issues with this book were that it’s not well edited and I hated everything about the conflict. I also don’t feel like we really got to know the hero well enough to empathize with his back story, which would have been necessary for his choices to make any kind of sense. So a bit of a dud on day one. What a Girl Wants by Blair Babylon is on deck for tomorrow so we’ll see how that one winds up going.

Day Two: March 19, 2019

Yeah, so instead of reading What a Girl Wants, I read Can’t Escape Love by Alyssa Cole, which was absolute perfection!

Day Three: March 20, 2019

I did no reading for the Readathon today, but I did re-read Slave to Sensation, so… Who is the real winner here?

Day Four: March 21, 2019

I actually read a book for the Readathon! What a Difference a Duke Makes by Lenora Bell, which was an absolutely delightful historical romance by a new to me author. I really enjoyed this governess/Duke relationship because the power dynamics between them are really examined. And, in all honesty, Mari really seizes control of her own destiny in a lot of ways, but especially in her relationship with Edgar. And the children are absolute darlings! I really loved the teaching moments with them. I think if you like The Governess Game by Tessa Dare, you’ll also like What a Difference a Duke Makes.

Day Five: March 22, 2019

Well, I fell off the bandwagon again and wound up reading something not on any kind of TBR, which was Hoops Holiday by Kennedy Ryan, which led me to realize that my love for Jared means that Block Shot is a five star read, not 4.5. Anyway, tomorrow is unlikely to be better as my family is coming and we’re moving my sister’s furniture into my place.

Day Six: March 23, 2019

So I spent my day cleaning and getting ready for my family to arrive to move in my sister’s furniture into my house so I read nothing. Well, I listened to a little more of Visions of Heat and Daisy Jones and the Six, but I didn’t make a ton of progress.

Day Seven: March 24, 2019

My family left around noon, but I still didn’t manage to accomplish actually reading a book. The whole RITAsoWhite thing was very distracting on Twitter, you know?

Alright, so y’all, I completed two books for the readathon, but you know, it’s a win. Sort of.


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