Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel Review

One of the things everyone loves about Anne of Green Gables is how beautifully (and dramatically) Anne narrates the scenery of the nature in Avonlea and her own life. This graphic novel, edited by Kendra Phipps and Erika Kuster and illustrated by Mariah Marsden and Brenna Thrumler brings Anne of Green Gables to life in a unique and beautiful way.

If you’re unfamiliar with Anne’s story, I don’t think this graphic novel will be a great introduction for you. It does, however, hit all of the highlights so for fans of Anne’s story, the graphic novel is a quick read that is sure to bring back delightful memories. I adored the illustrations in the book.

L.M. Montgomery wrote Anne to be a girl with a wild imagination and a tendency to wax poetically about everything. Getting to actually see the scenes Anne describes was a treat and one that I really appreciated. This book is made even more perfect for Fall because of the beautiful illustration of everyone’s favorite quote, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

This book is definitely atmospheric, in that you are able to visualize Anne’s world so easily, so if you’re already a fan, definitely pick this one up!


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